Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fancy Forest (x2)

Armed with one FQ stack of Elizabeth Hartman's Pacific fabric line in the cool tones, I set out to make 2 crib-sized shop samples for Jackman's Fabrics.  
The managers at the shop tend to call me with trepidation when there's a pattern with tiny piecing that they'd really like to showcase.  It's funny because...those are the quilts I love best!  Tough to do on a deadline, but I seem to always finish on time!
These were fun quilts to make, building 2 at a time  (the pattern is written so you can build 4 at a time and combine into one large quilt with the option to make smaller crib-sized quilts).  It took me a few minutes to get my bearings to begin with the way this pattern was written, but once it clicked, I was off and piecing.  Don't get me wrong, this was  a well written pattern, but I was not accustomed to it's chart-like directions.  It really didn't very take long to get used to!
One of these quilts now lives with my sister, Jenna.  I gifted it to her when her son, Connor, was born.  Perfect for a little baby boy!  I still have the other one!
Fancy Forest (x2)
Pattern:  Fancy Forest
Designer:  Elizabeth Hartman
Size: 32.5x44.5"
Featured Fabric:  Pacific (cool) by Elizabeth Hartman
Quilting:  Wood Grain Pantograph (Jessica Schick)
Quilting Thread:  Madiera (9270 Grey Beige)
Batting:  Legacy Wool

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