Wednesday, March 06, 2013

As American as Apple Pie!

This patriotic quilt is going to be donated to the local veteran's rehab facility/home.  It was inspired by several stripey quilts that I've been seeing around the blogosphere, so I decided to give it a try!

This is just one block, 8x10" finished (yes, the photo is a little wonky, really is square, I swear).  I pieced each block together not worrying about the strip width or length (just as long as it was over 9").  I wasn't even bothering with squaring up strips that were a bit wonky...they all went in.

A close up showing that I didn't have a ton of variety in strips as I was trying to us up as many of the partiotic/Americana fabrics as I could.  I still have some more so I'm planning on using up chunks of fabric for the backing (and binding).  If there's still more, I'll whip one more Vet quilt for the year.

With all the apple and layering of fabrics, the quilt kinda reminds me of apple pie, inspiring the name "As American as Apple Pie!"

And this will be the backing - a pieced baking with navy girls!?!?!

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for inspiring me! Those guys at the veteran's home are definitely going to enjoy those Navy girls!


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