Friday, September 27, 2013

On A Roll...Baby Quilts!

Lately, I've been loving the modern look of big block quilts.  I got on a roll this week and whipped out a few to donate to the local hospital!

Big Block Baby Quilts
Ya really gotta love these!  Big block baby quilts are soooo easy to put together and super quick to quilt!  I even took advantage of a bunch of polka-dotted fabric that was donated to the guild a while ago and really used a bunch of it up in these.  Just about everyone else who has access to these FQs are sick of using the "ugly polka dots," but I thought they worked up really well in these cuties!

The first quilt in the second row was pieced by my daughter a few years ago and it's been sitting around waiting to be quilted, so that was the first to get done and donated.  The others will be donated next month.  Oh, and I just found a picture of this adorable panel quilt that I donated a few months ago as well.  Gotta love a polka dot binding...

"A Star Is Born"



  1. They are cool, and are so on trend now! These look great, and I love that you donated them!

  2. Those represent a lot of happy babies. Well done.

  3. Those are great! Thanks for linking up to Let's Make Baby Quilts -- I'll be featuring your quilts in tomorrow's post.


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