Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slowly, but surely

A little bit more progress is being made on my blocks for "Bowdacious!" & "4-Patch Revisited."  With our move at the end of last year, I never really had time to make the blocks for the colors chosen for the last few months.  I've still got 2 months worth of work left to do to catch up and then I can begin at least putting the "Bowdacious!" one's together into a top.

4-Patch Revisited (right) & Bowdacious! (left)
I think as part of this year's RSC14, I may work month-by-month on the setting of the 4-Patch Revisited blocks.  Each 4 patch still needs to be set on point and that will take plenty of time, too.  I'd also like to follow along on Angela's sampler block challenge, (and, no, I haven't even started yet...but I will...) so that will make 2 RSC projects for this year!



  1. These blocks are really great, and I LOVE the neutrals! These particular colors are really great you have shown as well!

  2. These blocks are great, what a fun rainbow quilt!


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