Monday, January 27, 2014

What's on my bed?

Jo over at Jo's Country Junction asks, "What's on your Bed?"  Well, here's my answer... (don't judge...the beds are not made...not even for my photos for you friends...sorry...not really...

FYI, I don't usually make the beds with quilts; I use feather comforters with white covers for the most part, but I do usually have a quilt on the end of each bed.  We love to pull them up on a cold winter night!

This is what's on the end of my bed at the moment.  It's the warmest, most comfy quilt I own.  I've had it since I was a little girl and I still sleep with it in the wintertime (under the feather comforters and only on my side of the bed).  This quilt was made by my mother in the 70s.  It's pieced with big blocks of scrap sample fabrics, tied with green yarn, flip turned (not bound) and filled with I don't know what, but its warmest, most cuddly quilt ever.  It really needs some TLC as many of the seams are loose and the backing is worn, but I wont give it up...not even if asked nicely!  Check out some of the fabrics...

Wow!  Groovy!
No this be isn't made either...we just had house guest and the bedding is coming off to be thrown in the wash.  I just snapped a quick photo.  On the guest bed is another quilt made around the same time.  This one is a rail fence and was hand pieced by my husband's grandmother using the polyester fabrics from her clothing, both solids and prints.  The top was given to me after her passing and it was the first quilt I ever had to square up and bind by myself (about 18 years ago).  My mother-in-law advised me to tie it with DMC floss and that's how it's held together.  I even matched the DMC color to the middle fabric of each rail fence have to look had to see it!

This is Kayla's bed.  She's on an internship in Africa.  Her bed IS made, even if everything doesn't match.  The quit folded on her bed is her favorite quilt.  She did all the work herself (except the binding) and you can see the process in this post.  She chose a super lofty polyfil batting and lots of farmy inspired fabrics.  She just loves it!  The little quilt on the basket was also made by Kayla.  It was the second quilt she made and chose each and every fabric in the quilt shops of Japan herself.  So cute!

Now, I guess I should get to laundering all this bedding....oh well...don't think too badly of me :)


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