Tuesday, March 04, 2014

March UFO Goal

This month I am going to attempt to tackle this quilt project:

These signature blocks were gifted to me by the ladies of the Gone To Pieces quilt guild in St. Robert, MO when I left to move to Illinois.  Each guild member signed a block and many wrote heartfelt things about our friendships, thanks for this or that, and well wishes for my new home.

I totally love these blocks and that they are each made from different fabrics!  The dilemma...how should these be set?  There are no "seam allowances" on the neutral corners, so once sewn in, they will have a sort of snowball shape.  Should the have another round of corners?  sashings? Any and all ideas are welcome on this one!  

 Hmmm, well, whatever I choose to do with them, these will be something by the end of the month!

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes for this UFO goal setting day. 


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  1. How thoughtful of your friends! Hmmmm.......I kinda like the idea of the snowball effect......especially since you will be making these during the snow......hopefully there won't be any more snow though LOL


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