Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ozark Hills Shop Hop

Last week was the annual Ozark Hills Shop Hop through Rolla, Salem, Waynesville & Lebanon, Missouri.  This used to be my hometown store, The Thread Peddler, and was the starting place for our shopping spree...
Debbie, Vicki, Lisa and I packed into the Jeep and took off to complete the Shop Hop all in one day (wasn't planned that day...we just got overzealous like that).  We even hit 2 shops along the way that weren't even part of the event (but, alas, one was closed).
Here's the beginning of my weekend haul.  I purchased a bunch of stuff...that's what happens when I make a list.  My wallet is much better off without one!  I'm collecting lots of tone-on-tones always, but the greys, aquas and one red is for my 4-patch Revisited project.  The double pinks I have been collecting forever and will eventually be for Double Delight.  The purples are for a wedding quilt for DH and I (one of these days, but I'll keep's only been almost 21 years since our wedding day...maybe for our 25th???).  The Miami Heat fabric will go into a huge pillow for one of my triplet nephews.  The top green patterned fabric also has a plan!
These scrap bags were only $1(homespun), $2 (Christmas), & $3 (Civil War)...and they contained a nice amount of fabric...a great deal!  That scrap pile was all gifted to me on my trip...some I got from one of the shops, but most of it came from my good friend, Vicki (along with a couple of jars of her delicious hot pepper relish---yum!).  I picked up a few other necessities?!?!  And on Saturday, we went up to Barnett to visit the Mennonite shops where I bought a bunch of fabric and the poly batting I use for many of my charity quilts.  The rulers and calculator were freebies from my Bernina shop (where I took my machine in for a tune-up while I was up there)!  Wheew.....all-in-all it was a really fun weekend!


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  1. Shop hop......scrap bags.......could anything get better than that????


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