Saturday, June 28, 2014

RSC14 - Yellow!

With all of the renovations still going on this month, and a new puppy (more on that later this week), I still can't say that I got too much accomplished.  I finally sat down tonight to work on my yellow on-point 4-patches for "4-Patch Revisited."  And while I was at it, I made some gold ones, too.  I don't think gold ever comes up in a rainbow challenge, lol, but if it does...this time I'll be ahead of the game!
I also got all of my yellow/gold lozenges done...but I put them away before remembering to take a picture, sorry!  Isn't it exciting to see piles of units growing...I only have 4 more color sets to put together for this quilt (red, orange, black and brown) and then I can begin piecing units together! It may be a finish before the end of the year...wouldn't that be great???
So what color will be chosen for July???  Any guesses?

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  1. I have a few guesses for July! I wonder if I'm right? Great progress on the yellow! Pretty good collection, especially with all you have going on right now.

  2. I heard orange is not the color so I don't have a clue. Love your yellow blocks

  3. Angela is giving no hints other than it is not orange. I am hoping for red. Great job on getting the units done.
    I just love the quilt in your header. Perfect for the fourth of July or any time in the USA!

  4. Looking good. Some great little four patches on point.

  5. I see RED is the new color, I can hardly wait to get cutting more lozenges!


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