Thursday, June 26, 2014

June's UFO is finished...Lockridge Mill

"Lockridge Mill," the third project in Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Journey 3, was my project completed for this month.  I'm well on my way to getting caught up with all of the past projects!  And thanks to my friend, Debbie, I came home from a trip to MO earlier in the month (more about that here) with the top fully completed and ready to layer, quilt, sleeve, tag and bind!
Since my sewing studio is still under construction (week 7), I chose to just meander this little quilt on my Bernina.  That wouldn't have been so bad, except, I kept getting little nests on the back of the quilt.  I got really frustrated with ripping them all out that I finally just left a few in for a reminder to not use basting spray adhesive - I really think that was the issue...grrr..... 
Before I left Debbie's house in MO, I made us both matching tags for the backs of our quilts, but I chose to write on mine upside down - more room for the name of the quilt that way!

Lockridge Mill  
Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Journey 3, Gathering 3
Pattern Designer:  Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts
Quilting Design:  Freehand Meander



  1. So lovely, I'm a big flying geese fan.

  2. That turned out really cute. I like flying geese even if I don't enjoy making them! I have heard similar reports about the spray adhesive. Glad you were able to get it finished.

  3. Part of Aunt Marti's group commenting in on your lovely quilt finish for June. This one definitely a mini...what size did it finish. It's fun to sew same projects with a sewing buddy. I'm about to do a second project called Freedom Rings with my friend Kerry. Each time we sew together we do a little bit more! I really like your label idea. Sandi


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