Friday, November 07, 2014

Friends & Companions

I've been pretty behind on my blogging many projects, not enough time to blog about them, LOL!  Well, today, I have a finish to share!
This is the finished setting for Friends & Companions (a 10 week sew along from Marcus Brothers).  It came out so much better than I had hoped...I just love it!  For the blocks, themselves, I use all scrap basket fabrics and of course, that didn't even make a dent.  For the setting, I did cut into a couple of FQs for the black irish chains and used yardage for the remaining setting fabrics (I even had to go purchase a new black fabric for the first border and binding because I always run out of black fabric).
The backing used up the remainder of the neutral setting square fabric as well as a couple of other fabrics I'm not really fond of.  I'm especially happy to use up the last of that's a blended fabric (not really sure where I got it from to begin with) and its is a real pain to work with.  Why did I use it in the first place?  Well, I just can't stand to toss out fabric, so I used it up!
This is where Friends & Companions currently fits nicely on my kitchen table!  And looks pretty good next to the quilt ladder of Prairie Women Sewing Circle quilts in the corner!
Bailey claims Friends & Companions!
Friends & Companions  
Pattern Designer:  Marcus Brothers Designer Sew Along
Quilting Design (Panto):  Hearts Plus (Keryn Emerson, designer)



  1. Heather, I love it (knew I would)! I especially like your green setting triangles. Yay!

  2. This one came out great! Love it!

  3. This quilt is just wonderful! I love when you can take your scraps and make something beautiful! It looks great on your table.

  4. Very pretty! I love scrappy quilts, all those different fabrics just make my heart happy. Congrats on your latest finish!

  5. Love your scrappy 'Friends & Companions'! I still have to quilt mine.


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