Monday, March 30, 2015

Spooky Pinwheel Parade

Spooky Pinwheel Parade is a design based on Pat Speth's free pattern, Pinwheel Promenade.  It all began with a charm pack that I won at a quilter's club meeting at Jackman's Fabrics called "Be Witched" by Carol Eldridge (for Andover Fabrics).  The charm pack was a little intimidating to find a design that could stand up to the bold graphics and colors, but I think this design with a heavy light background color palette did the trick!  
 I used a crazy stripe (that I picked upon sale at JoAnn's after Halloween) for the backing, sleeve and binding.  This fabric was really weird to work with, shrinking up with steam ironing.  It must not have been truly 100% cotton.  I'll be really careful about that in the future at JoAnn's, but I generally don't purchase fabric there anyway.
 I loved this panto for this quilt, but I don't know the name of it.  The panto reminded me of the eyes that you carve in a jack-o-lantern or maybe even spooky ghost eyes!
 And the label...yes, I always label my quilts.  This is the very easiest way.  Cut a square, fold it in half diagonally and to fancy it up a bit, add a strip of color to the folded edge.  This way 2 of 3 edges get sewn in with the binding (you only need to hand tack one edge).  Sweet!

BTW, I also finished the Wedding Ring 18x18" Table Topper this month, but since it's a gift, I won't be posting the finished pictures until after my in-laws celebrate their 45th anniversary in May.


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