Saturday, May 02, 2015

May UFO Goals

I'm going easy on my goals for May because I have a few workshops to attend the first week of June that I need to do alot of prep work for.  I also need to catch up on my color challenge spool blocks (both sets) and my Women of the Bible Blocks!  So this month, I've decided to try to finish these 2 projects, Bath House Blues (another Prairie Women's project) and That 70s Quilt (a restoration).

Currently, Bath House Blues is in a state of almost completion.  It's quilted, the binding is sewn to the front side, and the label and hanging sleeves are made.  All it really needs is the handwork done - stitching the label, hanging sleeve and binding down.  That's it...easy enough, right?
Bath House Blues
That 70s Quilt is another story.  First of all, it doesn't really have a name...That 70s Quilt is just what I'm calling it.  Really, if she want's to, my mom gets to name it because, well, my mom assembled this quilt before I was born, with remnants from an upholstery shop she worked at in NYC.  The poor thing has been well loved and well used (by me mostly - I confiscated it when I left home...yes mom, technically you did make me something before the afghan!!!).  So well loved and well used that it's pretty much falling apart.  It's had stains on the backing for more than 20 years, but now the front seams are coming loose causing the fabric to tear.  I really want to preserve it, so I'm taking it apart, block by block, to trim down, square up and reassemble to it's semi-original state.  I've already purchased a new backing (also an upholstery fabric) and washed it with fabric softener to alleviate some of the stiffness.  If I can reuse the batting (who know what's really in there...could be a whole other blanket, hehe) I will, if will take several layers of batting to get the poofy comfy feel that I love about this quilt and that I want to maintain.   I'll re-tie the was never "quilted."  And, originally there was no binding; it was just turned under.  I'm thinking I'll probably bind it, this time around, for more structure and stability from the wear and tear I seem to lay on it.  I want it to last forever!!!
That 70s Quilt
Well, there they are, my goals for May...Bath House Blues & That 70s Quilt (& workshop prep & & Color Challenge & WOTB catch up)! 

Q2 (Apr-Jun 15) List:
1.  Lozenges
2.  Silent Auction Table Project (for mom)
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Crumb Along
5.  Wounded Warrior Quilt
6.  Thai Ostrich Quilt
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Soldier Baby Quilt
9.  A Prairie Women project
10.  Collaboration Celebration
11.  Pinwheel
12.  Labor Day Madness
13.  Fan Baby
14.  Ye Olde Schoolhouse (PWSC j4g1)
15.  Orange Crush

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  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    That 70s quilt is really interesting! I'll be coming back from time to time to see how that project is progressing. I like your idea of preserving it for another few decades, at least! Or forever, whichever comes first. =)


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