Sunday, May 24, 2015

My First (and Only) Crochet Project

Last year I was admiring an afghan made by my friend, Debbie.  She told me the pattern was called Leaping Stripes by Tamara Kelly (on Moogly) and it was really easy!  The problem was, I had no idea as to how to read a pattern.  I haven't done any crocheting since I was a young girl (and it was all done by mimicking my nana's stitches), so Debbie tried to teach me how to mimick her stitches.  Well, I tried.  I made several rows over several weeks and got about 18" done by the time I showed it to her...and she tore out almost a foot of those stitches!  All my hard work!  And my aching hands!!!   I guess I wasn't getting the right number of stitches per row (I think she said I was dropping stitches?).
Well, I was frustrated, but I was determined to get it I watched the video tutorial and tried to learn how to changes rows properly.  After alot of practice and redoing many corners...I got it!  Then I tried to match what I was stitching to the written pattern...and I kinda got that!  And, I was even able to stitch the border without any additional help (by reading the pattern)!    

Leaping Stripes
Pattern Designer:  Tamara Kelly (Moogly)
Yarn:  Cream & Sugar (100% cotton variegated)

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  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    The afghan turned out wonderfully! And so many new skills learned. Congrats!

  2. Wow! I am impressed! Way to go!

  3. Your blanket is gorgeous! You definitely got the idea after all- sorry you had to rip out so much (I know the feeling) but I'm glad you persevered because the result is fabulous!

  4. Beautiful finish! It might be "easy", but it sure doesn't look like beginner! I would choose a different pattern for my next afghan! :)


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