Sunday, September 27, 2015

RSC15 Update

I've been participating in Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge for several years now.  It's a really fun way to remember to use all of the scraps I have seperated by color.  Bonnie Hunter's scrappy patterns often lend themselves well to this challenge (I can really even out the color distribution in the scrappy bits by deciding how many units I'll need to make each month) and each year I usually pick one of her designs to concentrate on for the RSC.  This year I chose to work on units for Spoolin' Around (no pictures today).

Since I decided on spools, there was another spool quilt that kept swimming in my head and I based these blocks on a tutorial by Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The only difference...I'm using string piecing on paper foundations, Jenny used pre-cuts!

Angela choose NAVY BLUE (which I already covered in my January BLUE blocks).
She also gave the option to substitute BLACK & GREY (so I did)!
She chose ORANGE for September RSC 15.
And...Angela just announced that October's color will be BROWN!

I'll try to remember to post some pictures of my little spool units for Spoolin' Around soon.  I usually stay just a bit behind on them because I'm strictly using them for leaders & enders!

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  1. these are eye openers. First of all I like your string concept and have thought about doing this for years. Second the illusion goes back and forth for me between the dark being the spool and the beige being a short fat spool. I found that very interesting study of value. LeeAnna

  2. Nice, I like the look of your spools, is often RSC colours as a leader ender project as well.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you choose a Bonnie Hunter pattern to work on for your annual RSC project!! I have long wanted to make any number of her quilts and this would be a really good way to tackle them.

  4. Great block for using scraps. The spool part really unifies the scraps and makes them look purposeful

  5. There couldn't be anything more appropriate than scrappy spools for the RSC!

  6. I'm a sucker for spool blocks. Love these. Thank you for the video clip link.


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