Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Mug Rugs

The mug rugs that started it all:
These were made for me last fall by my friend, Delilah.  I loved them.  They're just so cute!  Her's measure 6x9", a bit too big for a little yellow mailer.

To recap, here's my first attempts at making a mug rug (there are 2 more just like this, but my mother-in-law packed them in her bag and took them home with her; I guess she liked them):
You can read more about those here if you want, but I sent those 2 off to a couple of bloggy buddies...and then I made a couple more (well, because I wanted one and I thought since my mother-in-law took one for herself, then I should send one to my mom):
The one I'm keeping measures the same size as Delilah's...so I'll have a nice stackable set, the ones that got sent off measured more like 5x8"ish.  And here is my set all together:
Aren't they just the cutest?  Another fun project to use up those scraps...though it doesn't even make a noticable dent in anything!!!


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  1. Yes, they're the cutest! Mug Rugs are fun. I need to make my hubby some more to take to work. He only has the Valentine's one from last year. . .


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