Saturday, February 22, 2014

February UFOs are DONE!

This month's UFO project began with these heart blocks (I tell you all about them in this post at the beginning of the month):
Those blocks became these four tops by mid-month (and I tell you more about that process here):
And now, finally, all of those individual heart blocks have found their homes in these 4 baby quilts that are set to be donated to 4 little newborns at Ft. Leonard Wood hospital!  Here they are...all finished:
Pink & yellow hearts is backed and bound with the same floral as in the sashings.  I quilted it with a simple freehand meander.

Blue hearts have a large gingham backing in blue and the same floral binding as the quilt above (which is repeated from the border cornerstones).  It is also quilted with a freehand meander.
Green & purple hearts also have a large gingham backing and binding (this time in purple).  I played around with freehand quilting a bit on this one by echoing the heart shapes inside of them and puddling in the neutral backgrounds.  I added a little curly doodled line in the sashings.  This was my first attempt at all three techniques and I'm pretty happy with the results, though far from perfect.  Then I wussed out and meandered the borders...((insert embarrassed grin here)).
Finally, the leftover hearts got pieced together with these patterned blocks to create a vintagey feeling quilt.  I am really happy with the color result after adding a backing and binding in the same fabric as is in the borders.  I wanted to practice a few more quilting techniques on these blocks, too, but in the interest of time, I resorted back to that same freehand meander.  I don't think the babies (or their parents) are gonna mind too much, but these donation quilts are a great place to practice new techniques!

Okay, so that's that...February UFO, check!  They are ready to go to MO with me in March!
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  1. They are all so pretty!

  2. They're wonderful! A good opportunity to practice quilting patterns, too. They will be well loved.


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