Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mid-Month UFO Check In

This month, I chose to work on those "vintage" hearts that have been sitting around in a baggie in my cabinet for YEARS.  I wrote about them in this post a couple of weeks ago.  I'm no longer really attached to these blocks (thank goodness), so I've decided that they were going to get worked up into a couple of charity quilts...or three...or FOUR!
I started by sorting the block colors and designs.  These pink and yellow hearts seemed to just want to play together, so they went together with a small floral lattice with purple cornerstones.  The backing and probably the binding will be the same floral as the lattice.
Next came the sagey seafoam green family of blocks.  The pink sashing fabric has tiny little purple flowers and seafoamy leaves, so it seemed to work.  This one will be backed and bound (probably) with that purple check.
The blue hearts seemed like a no brainer.  I love a gingham and this tiny blue one was just too cute with the blocks...then I ran I added in a bit of that small floral from the first quilt in the four corners.  This one will be backed with the larger blue check, but I haven't decided on a, perhaps?
And then there were the leftover blocks...that just got sewn together with three different patterned blocks and bordered in a purple/green/gold diamond print.  The cornerstones are from the same line of fabric in more of a fleur de lis print.  The backing will be the fleur de lis stripe and this one doesn't have a designated binding yet either.  If there's still enough of the backing to cut off, I'll probably make the binding from that.

So...a pile of blocks, four baby/crib sized quilts to donate to the newborns of soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood.  It's so nice for the new parents, especially for those that are stationed so far from home when their babies are born.

Now, off to get them quilted so that I can take them to MO with me in March!
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  1. What wonderful quilts - they will be much loved by the new moms. Plus a great place to donate them.

  2. Great baby quilts, and a wonderful way to use your heart blocks.

  3. Good Morning Heather, I love your beautiful heart quilts and it is such a co-incidence, because I have just finished making a baby cot quilt, using hearts just as you have.
    From one ex-military wife to a current military wife, have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes from England


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