Friday, October 11, 2013

Calendar Quilt

Last year, the historian of our quilt guild hosted a block of the month.  Each month she gave directions as to what needed to be included in each block such as "bugs for May" or "green for March."  After I heard the first set of directions, I immediately decided that I would make a calendar quilt and try my hand at word play lettering.

"Calendar Quilt"
The blocks were really fun to put together, but I really made some bad decisions on the setting.  I guess I didn't plan very well when I chose the block colors because I had a really hard time putting everything together to make a cohesive quilt.  Yikes!  Oh well!

 I pieced in a couple of orphan blocks into the teddy bear backing (which is always fun).  I figure this quilt can hang around the house for a little while, but likely it will get donated at some point because I am just not too crazy about it.  I'm sure that the right person to donate to will come about one of these days!  Maybe a kindergarten class???


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