Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Farmer Boy

Kayla loves to begin her projects...she's not so good, however, at finishing those projects (I know a few people like that?!?!).  Anyway, Kayla got really excited to find all of this John Deere fabric and decided to make a quilt for her boyfriend's birthday.  His family began dairy farming just a few years ago.

Before I know it, she had drawn out a bunch on square-in-a-square blocks and cut out everything she would need.  Those pieces sat scattered around her room for much of the summer.

"Farmer Boy"
I hate to see a messy room, but even more...I hate to see a project begun and never finished!  So, mom made her a deal...I'll quilt both "Tipsy" and this quilt on the long arm if she'd just get these poor pieces up off the floor and put together.  Over the next week or so, she pieced the top together between summer classes and sleep.  And once again...I added the binding 'cuz I just can't help finishing up a quilt!


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