Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Table Topper

A few months ago, a family friend (and my wonderful realtor), Marianne, gave me a call.  She told me that she had a ton of "crafty stuff" that she was cleaning out of her house and wondered if the quilt guild could use some of it.  I told her that they probably could and offered to come and pick it up!

While at her house, Marianne pulled 4 blocks out of the bags and explained to me that years ago she took a quilting class and she had hand pieced a few blocks together.  She never finished the quilt and had no idea how to even put the blocks together.  Her point was...all the pieces are here if someone just wants to finish this project.  Well...

Christmas Table Topper
Here is Marianne's Christmas Table Topper all complete.  This was on of the very first projects that i meandered on my new longarm.  And, yes, I brought it right back over to her all finished.  She was so thrilled!  She couldn't believe I found fabric that matched to finish it up.  She couldn't believe that her hand work could look so good.  And she is so proud of it that it's been sitting on display in her dining room since I gave it back to her in July!  Hopefully she'll put it away with her Christmas things after the holidays!


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