Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blocks of the week - this week...

And, here's the next update on my blocks of the week projects:  Friends & Companions (Marcus Brothers) and Women of the Bible (Hoppin' Bobbin).  Hope you're not tired of seeing them yet...and if you are, sorry, but it' my blog and I wanna keep track!  XOXOXO....
Friends & Companions - Block #6 
This week, Nancy Rink, of Nancy Rink Designs shared her block for the Friends & Companions sew-along.  This is the 6th block and she's calling it "Plus Four."
Friends & Companions - Blocks #1-6

I'm still able to work completely out of my scrap basket, but this time my background got a little light.  I'll just have to find at least one more light background to spread the love!
Women of the Bible - Block #5 Hagar

And, this week's Women of the Bible pattern was a 10" Hard Time block to represent Hagar.  It's really fun to read the devotional section of these patterns to get a bit of Bibical refresher (and a small history lesson, too, sometimes).
Women of the Bible - Blocks #1-5

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Heather, are you on the WOB yahoo list? Love your blocks. The Nancy Rink block looks great, too. I have her cherry basket pattern to make someday.


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