Monday, September 22, 2014

September UFO Completions!

Yes, completionS, plural!  Whoohoo....both goals accomplished!

First, please meet "Peaches & Dreams," a 20 year old UFO that began with the ugliest, most terribly pieced fan blocks in existence.  I'm ashamed to say that, yes, I pieced them myself approximately 19 years ago and that is why they became a UFO...more about how this all got started here in this post from earlier this month.  "Peaches & Dreams" is my own design, a bit of a modern twist based on a traditional Grandmother's Fan block setting - my first "modern-ish" attempt.

Peaches & Dreams 
Pattern Designer:  Heather Gunter
Quilting Design (Panto):  Paisley Playtime (Hermionee Agee, designer)

My second finish is a wedding quilt for my sister and her fiancee, who will be getting married next week.  This one was a rush order (more here) with a couple of weeks to spare and I LOVE the result!

Woven Together
Pattern:  "Salute to Plaid" Natalia Bonner, Quiltmaker (free pattern)
Quilting Design (Panto):  Holly's Hearts (Patricia Ritter, designer)

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  1. What a fantastic wedding quilt! And on fast order - I'm impressed

  2. Well done on the double finish this month, great stuff! I do think you should include the start date as well as your finish date on your fan quilt though, just for posterity!

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I like the old UFO! It turned out nice looking in the pic.

    Love the wedding quilt, too.


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